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The last month saw Etherscan contribute some steps forward for Ethereum scalability. We had not one, not two, but three different Ethereum-aligned explorers announced. First Optimism shared our new explorer for them, then Arbitrum announced our explorer coming for them by the end of July, and finally Polygon unveiled our latest explorer!

The explorers aren't the only things that's new from Etherscan. We made UI/UX changes on the explorer, adding ENS Name Tags and making NFT transactions more readable.

Following the theme of exploring parallel layers and chains, in this newsletter issue we take a look at data revolving around bridges to other chains in Ethereum. We also quiz you on bridges - answer it and stand to win $10 in ETH!



Bridge Activity on Ethereum

Bridge Activity on Ethereum

Bridges on Ethereum have seen an explosion in activity as EVM chains mushroom up in 2021. We take a look at data around these bridges, exploring:

  • Balance held by the respective bridges
  • Deposits and withdrawals on each bridge
  • Breakdown of bridged tokens
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ENS Name Tags


ENS Name Tags

See your name displayed on Etherscan! To understand how, check out our article.

NFT Transaction Actions


NFT Transaction Actions

Easily see what is happening with NFT transactions: trades, mints, burns and more.



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Ethereum Q1 'Earnings'

Covering Ethereum like a tech stock, highlights include: ​+20,158% Year-on-Year ​increase in transaction fees and +7,596% in dex volumes.

Epic Donation Spree of Meme Coins

After meme coins airdropped billions of dollars of tokens to his cold wallet, Vitalik burned and donated them all away. He expands more on it here.

A Comparison of Arbitrum & Optimism Rollups

A comparison of the two hottest Optimistic Rollups today, going through how they differ in using fraud proofs, code compilers, ETH and more.

Smart Contract-Based Weather Index Insurance in Kenya

Away from the yield farms in DeFi, literal farms in Kenya are part of a pilot program integrating smart contracts with a weather index insurance product.

Dodging a bullet: Ethereum State Problems

Disclosure of a severe threat to the network that was removed in the Berlin hardfork. Left unfixed, it could have caused many nodes to go out of sync.


Booby Trapping the Ethereum Blockchain

Continuing on with bugs found in Ethereum, prolific white hat hacker Samczsun walks through code that could have hard forked fast-sync nodes.

What to Do After You've Been Hacked

With DeFi hacks showing no signs of slowing down, Immunefi shares some knowledge on preventing, managing and recovering from hacks.


Quests along the Road to Devcon

Devcon Bogota being delayed indefinitely doesn't mean we can't get ready for it! Quests are planned in its lead up, including a trivia game on July 10th.

Ethereum Treasuries: a Directory of Institutions Holding ETH

Listing down public institutions that hold ETH in their balance sheet, including the Texas state government. Upvote it on Product Hunt!

Pick of the Month

Transaction: Vitalik burning $6 billion in SHIB tokens

As part of his epic donation spree, Vitalik burned a mind-blowing amount of tokens. For projects considering to airdrop him tokens, he left a message.

Address: MistX Router

The contract for MistX, a dex that uses Flashbots bundles to protect traders from frontrunning risk. Transactions interacting with it work differently.


Questions received last month:

Why are there typos in the Method field such as Unoswap?
The Method field uses the function name taken directly from the contract. Etherscan doesn't make any changes to contract function names.

How do I find my way to the Etherscan Gas Tracker page?
Click on the fuel icon next to the ETH price at the top right of any page, or on MED GAS PRICE at the center of the home page.

Confused with some terms in this newsletter?
Remember to check the Etherscan glossary!


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Quiz: Ethereum Bridges


Quiz: Ethereum Bridges

Answer questions on bridges in Ethereum and stand a chance to win $10 in ETH!

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