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The NFT hype continued from February through March with countless headlines, including on Beeple, Jack Dorsey, Khabib, TIME, Overly Attached Girlfriend and Uniswap V3. Besides NFTs, another highlight has been the rapid rise of MEV. With the confirmation of EIP-1559 resulting in burned miner income, Ethereum mining pools have jumped onboard the MEV train.

This month, we unpack MEV transactions and gather insights from early data available on them. On the Etherscan website we introduce a couple of sought-after features - an Airdrops page and transaction action for pending swaps.

Keeping on the MEV theme - this month we set a quiz for you on the subject. Answer it and stand to win $10 in ETH!



Rapid Rise of MEV in Ethereum

Rapid Rise of MEV in Ethereum

MEV (Maximal Extractable Value) has turned from theory into terrifying reality over the past several months. In recent weeks, miner adoption of MEV has accelerated.

We delve into MEV in this article, covering:

  • What MEV transactions look like
  • Its accelerating growth
  • The most popular MEV transaction
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Airdrops Page

Never miss out on your favorite token's airdrops. Projects, add your airdrops too!

Pending Swaps


Transaction Action: Pending Swaps

See how much you're trading and deal expiry while your transaction is pending.



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Mark Cuban: "Ethereum is the Closest to a True Currency"

They finally did it! Mainstream media included "Ethereum" in a headline after years of neglect. Listening to Mark, he definitely knows his stuff.

Visa Settles Payments in USDC on the Ethereum Blockchain

Visa became the first major payments network to use a stablecoin for settlement and plans to settle in Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC).

Introducing Uniswap V3

V3 is set to launch as the most capital efficient Automated Market Maker (AMM) on Ethereum. Finematics made a good video explaining its features.

Social Token Platform Roll Had Its Hot Wallet Hacked

Roll, the leading platform for creating social tokens had $5.7 million worth of tokens stolen. At least 11 of the most popular social tokens were affected.

Analysis of FATF's 2021 Draft Cryptocurrency Guidance

Coincenter highlights 3 main issues with FATF's draft: surveillance obligations, limits on P2P transactions, and counterparty identification.


Ethereum Blockspace: Who Gets What and Why

The article goes over the market for Ethereum's blockspace, using a framework that focuses on market depth, safety and lack of congestion.

Introducing SafeSnap: A Decentralized Governance Tool

SafeSnap is a module that allows for on-chain execution of off-chain votes. It reduces a DAO's reliance on trust in its multi-sig wallet's signers.


DODO Incident Postmortem: With a Little Help from Friends

Plot twists, a wide cast of characters, accidental front running of hacks and community-wide involvement, this story has it all., a Gateway into Ethereum

A "talisman of protection" helping new entrants in the Ethereum space discover interesting and verifiable projects.

Pick of the Month

Transaction: Liquidity Trapping a Token Sniper

A bot aiming to buy up the cheap and early liquidity of a newly distributed token found itself on the wrong end of a trap, losing 68 ETH in the process.

Address: Issuer of Wedding Ring NFTs

Two Coinbase employees found a unique way to commemorate their wedding to each other, exchanging NFT 'wedding rings'.


Questions received last month:

Why is gas fee deducted even for a failed transaction?
Miners still need to validate and execute a failed transaction, therefore the sender must pay for that computation in gas.

How can we avoid scams and phishing cases in this current bull run?
A good practice is to never share private keys or seed phrases, use password managers, don't repeat passwords and install anti-malware software.

Confused with some terms in this newsletter?
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Quiz: MEV


Quiz: MEV

Learn about Maximal Extractable Value and stand to win $10 in ETH!

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