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The bull run that began 2021 held up in January, with ETH consistently at ATH (At The High) prices last seen 3 years ago. Interest in crypto bumped up as retail investors saw the need for DeFi - r/wallstreetbets' bet against Gamestop shorts being rudely derailed by centralized players on Wall Street. Despite the hype, there is vast room for growth as many have not even heard of DeFi.

In this issue, we analyze the 2021 returns of 75+ top tokens in Ethereum with the help of a new data dashboard. Features added include sparkline charts of token holders for the traders and multi file source code search for the developers.

This time last year we first asked for your feedback on the Etherscan newsletter. Now is time to ask you again! Share your feedback and stand a chance to win $10 in ETH!



Ethereum in 2020

20 Charts of "Numba Go Up"

Ethereum's bullish start to 2021 makes it easy for us to think of ourselves ​as genius investors as virtually all tokens are getting positive returns. Our charts categorizing and comparing 75+ tokens provide a better sense of their relative performance. We take a look at:

  • 5 best performing categories: Asset management, Gaming, Exchange, L2/Sidechain and Derivative tokens
  • 5 worst performing categories: DAO, BTC-backed, Prediction, Browser and Wrapper tokens
  • 5 miscellaneous categories: Insurance, Lending, Middleware, Eth2 Depositors and Yearn Family
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Token Holder Sparkline Chart


Token Holder Sparkline Chart

Keep track of the trend in estimated number of holders for each ERC20 token.

Multi-File Source Code Search


Multi-File Source Code Search

Devs can now search smart contract code across multiple files in a single search bar.



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The Year in Ethereum 2020​

Josh Stark and Evan Van Ness pen their annual roundup of the Ethereum ecosystem, packed with the biggest developments that occurred in 2020.

Reddit Announces Partnership with the Ethereum Foundation

Reddit formally announced its first-ever blockchain partnership with the EF as it looks to scale its Community Points to 50 million daily users.

An Open Reply to "Economic Analysis on Ethereum"

The Bankless crew open-sourced a community response to an analysis of Ethereum from a macro perspective by investor Lyn Alden.

A Name Resolver for the Distributed Web

Cloudflare announced a new resolver for the Distributed Web, supporting IPFS and ENS. Shortly afterwards, Brave also announced support for IPFS.

The State of 1559 - Update 006

EIP-1559 faced pushback from miners over an expected loss of revenue. Estimates of burnt fees are welcome - reach out if you'd like to research it!


List of Ethereum Web Tools

A thread on useful web tools for developers building on Ethereum, from a UI for interacting with smart contracts to a listing of details per contract.

An Approximate Introduction to How zk-SNARKs are Possible

Vitalik shares an introduction into how the zk-SNARK technology works. Note: a 'medium-level' understanding of mathematics is highly encouraged.


Say Hello to Sweeposaurus

A free-to-use UI for 'sweeping' your Ethereum wallet of all token balances. Handy for those migrating their entire balance to a new address.

(Almost) Everything You Need to Know on Optimistic Rollup

A walkthrough of the why and the what of Layer 2 solutions with a focus on Optimistic Rollup. If you've wondered what Fraud Proofs are, this is for you!

Pick of the Month

Transaction: $100,000 Purchase of Socks

The Mainframe team spent $100,000 to buy Unisocks on the Uniswap exchange while teasing some big plans for those $SOCKS.

Address: Resident Arbitrageur

This user took advantage of a loophole in SushiSwap's fee mechanism to net an 81 ETH profit​. They later named the address via Ethereum message.


Questions received last month:

What do I get by creating an Etherscan account?
For those unsure of features you gain with an Etherscan account, click here.

I sent tokens to an exchange/wallet that doesn't support them, help!
Contact the exchange/wallet directly as they are the ones who can assist you. Etherscan never has access to your funds or private keys!

How did we predict the 2021 Ethereum price in last month's poll?
The median was $2,339 and 50% of you predicted between $1,200-$5,000.


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Newsletter Feedback v2.0


Newsletter Feedback v2.0

A year after we last asked for your feedback on the newsletter, it's time for Round 2!

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