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Ethereum has started 2021 with a bang! Prices have rocketed, catching up to the many metrics that have quietly but significantly improved over the last 3 years.

We bid 2020 goodbye with a roundup of trends seen from the block explorer. In addition, we've added features to help you better interact with smart contracts directly on Etherscan.

Our poll this month asks your predictions for the ecosystem this year. Share your thoughts and you might win $10 in ETH!



Ethereum in 2020

Ethereum in 2020: the View from the Block Explorer

2020 was an all-around positive year for Ethereum. Metrics climbed up across the board, and the community has made large strides in earning our market cap. Trends explored include:

  • Base Layer: price, transfers, addresses, gas prices and contracts
  • DeFi: DEX, stablecoins, yield farming
  • Eth2 & L2: deposits, validators, participation rates
  • BTC on Ethereum, NFTs, and more
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Token Approvals


Token Approvals

Review and revoke access to spending your tokens from any smart contract.

+Add Zeroes Tool


+Add Zeroes Tool

Using the Write Contract feature gets easier without having to count your 0s each time!



US Regulator: Banks May Use Blockchains & Stablecoins

Blockchains receive the same payments infrastructure status as Visa. On the heels of the latter's support for USDC, 2021 looks set for mass adoption!

The Unintended(?) Consequences of the STABLE Act

US lawmakers introduced an act aiming to ban non-bank-issued stablecoins ‚Äčand could criminalize nodes. Balanced debates here and here.

CME Group announces Ethereum futures product

The world's largest financial derivatives exchange plans to add an ETH futures product on top of its current BTC futures by February.

Hacked Ledger Database Dumped On Raidforums

Personal data including emails, phone numbers and addresses of Ledger customers got dumped in a public forum. Check if your data is in there.

Microsoft Adapts Ethereum Blockchain for Gaming Royalties

Using a private instance of Ethereum, it provides a financial system of record for royalty agreements, valuable for Xbox's gaming partners.


ETHGlobal Developer Survey Report - 2020

A global survey of devs in Ethereum using Stack Overflow's as a benchmark. A key result: 59% used their own funds to learn about DeFi.

Ethology: A Safari Tour in Ethereum's Dark Forest

A hands-on study exploring how frontrunning occurs on Ethereum and ways to avoid them, replete with smart contracts used by the team.


Proof of NFTs - $3.5 million Beeple Drop

Beeple, a digital artist famed for creating art every day for 13 years, auctioned off his NFT-linked art collection for $3.5 million in one weekend.

Anonymous Arbitrage Partnership Formed on Ethereum

A heartwarming(?) story of partnership between two anonymous arbitrageurs communicated in public via Ethereum transactions.

Pick of the Month

Transaction: A Return of $4.4 Million in ETH

When Cover Protocol had a contract vulnerability, Grap.Finance exploited it and kindly returned the entire value. Their attached message wasn't as kind.

Address: 0-Gas Transaction Sender

This address heralds the age of Miner Extractable Value (MEV), making transactions that skip the transaction pool and cost 0 gas.


Answering common questions we received last month:

Does Etherscan have a dark mode?
We do! Look for the moon icon at the bottom left of the home page.

What are token approvals?
More on token approvals here.

Do you have an Eth2 staking calculator?
Yep, head over to BeaconScan's calculator page!


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2021 Predictions


2021: Your Predictions

Ethereum Nostradamuses, make your 2021 predictions and stand to win $10 in ETH!

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