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This past month we've seen DeFi and security dominate the news. We now have $1 billion locked in DeFi! At the same time, the rapid growth has brought with it new reports of vulnerabilities. As always, caveat emptor.

In this edition, we:

  • Take a look at decentralized exchanges
  • Bring new swag: 20 NFTs sponsored by Brave Frontier Heroes 🔥



Decentralized Exchanges

Digging Up Data on Decentralized Exchanges

Decentralized exchanges have delivered USD 600 million in volume so far this year! Would you know which two of them are in the running for top spot? We take a look at these and more in our latest article.



Private Token Ignore List

Out of sight, out of mind... hide that s#itcoin today! 😎


Public Profile

We snuck this in and some of you've noticed already. What is it for? Find out soon...



$1 Billion of value locked in Ethereum DeFi!

Everything about the DeFi ‘Flash Loan’ attack

All of the ETHDenver 2020 project submissions

Community participation - takeaways from ProgPoW

JPMorgan to merge Its blockchain unit with ConsenSys


Decrypt tracked 133,000 ENS names and shared their thoughts

A practical guide to building Zero Knowledge dApps


The Beacon Chain Ethereum 2.0 explainer you need to read first

The state of Optimistic Rollup

Swag Station

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Sponsored by Brave Frontier Heroes

BFH is a crossover of the popular mobile game Brave Frontier and one of the largest blockchain games, My Crypto Heroes. Released on January 30th, 2020.

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