Newsletter <a href="" target="_blank">Block #41 - Emerging As The Primary Settlement Layer</a> Poll Winners

Congratulations to these 10 winners from the Etherscan Newsletter Block #41 Poll!

Each winner will receive $10 in ETH. All winners have been contacted directly by Etherscan via email for further instructions.

Unique Code Masked Email Reward
987c1aeaf ga******** $10 in ETH
bc2310f3f vi******** $10 in ETH
7de21acd0 fr******** $10 in ETH
3ee51d21d th******** $10 in ETH
5fa0182f6 ri******** $10 in ETH
cac51c1b5 ab******** $10 in ETH
789917f96 go******** $10 in ETH
273f120af fi******** $10 in ETH
0dd71378a os******** $10 in ETH
d585106b6 go******** $10 in ETH
Teck Yuan Lee
Teck Yuan Lee
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