Navigating the Etherscan Homepage

A: Price and Gas Previews

  • ETH price preview is located at the top left of the website and you will be directed to ETH price charts section when clicked.
  • Gas Price preview is showing the average gas fee at the current time. Once clicked upon, you will be directed to gas tracker page.

B: Site Settings

  • Dark Mode button is located at the top right of the website and users will be given the option to change between light, dim or dark mode.
  • Switch Between Ethereum Networks by hovering over the Ethereum logo next to the dark mode and then select the network of your choice. Networks currently supported by Etherscan are the mainnet, ETH 2.0 Beacon chain, Sepolia testnet, and Goerli testnet.

C: Menu

Each menu contains a dropdown list of links to specific pages related to the topic/scope of the menu. Please refer below for the breakdown of each menu and the contents linked under them.

D: Search Bar

You can use the search bar to instantly get details on transactions, addresses (be it wallet addresses or contract addresses), tokens and projects. To search for, let's say an address, on our website, just copy and paste the address into the input box and click Search (or press Enter). Similarly, to search for a transaction, just copy and paste the transaction hash into the input box and click Search. You can also search by block number, token name and domain name.

Alternatively, you can also type in your search phrase (do not press Enter or click Search after typing in the search phrase) and select from the recommended search results listed below the Search Bar. To narrow down the recommended results, you can filter the given information according to their token standards, addresses or labels.

E: Ethereum Overview

This section shows a simplified real-time overview of the Ethereum blockchain.

F: Latest Blocks

A short list of recently validated blocks. Clicking on View all blocks redirects you to a full page list of validated blocks.

G: Latest Transactions

A short list of recent transactions. Clicking on View all transactions redirects you to a full page list of recent transactions.

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