How to submit a Dapp Update Request

Etherscan's Dapp page is a page specifically tailored to allow users to interact with Dapps by providing a front-end interface with a custom URL (using Ethereum name service) for any smart contract on Ethereum. With this page, Dapp developers can easily define their contract's functions while customizing the page with banner image, social links and information that make the page truly their own (read more about our Dapp page here).

Similar to the Token page, the information for the Dapp page needs to be submitted in by the Dapp creator before they are available to the users.

Before you can submit an update request, you need to make sure that you have been successfully verified as the contract address owner. And if the request is for a token contract, the token page must be updated through our Token Update feature first.

  1. Once the prerequisites above are met, copy and paste your Dapp contract address into our search bar.
  2. After you have been redirected to the Contract Address page, click on the Dapp page button (highlighted at the top right corner of the screenshot below):
  1. Afterwards, you will see the contract address' Dapp page in its default state. If the contract is a token contract address and the token page has already been updated, the Dapp page will display the social profile links, short description and labels that are available on the contract's token page (like visible in the screenshot below).

If it is not a token contract address or if its token page is not yet updated, it will look like in the screenshot below:

  1. In either scenario, to proceed, click on the Edit Dapp Page button that is located above the Dapp logo (top-left corner).
  1. Upon clicking the Edit Dapp Page button, you should be seeing the Dapp Update form which is divided into two sections, namely Page Profile and Page Content. The first section is the Page Profile where the Dapp's social media links, website, short description and logo are located whereas the latter is where the Dapp's read and write functions are located alongside the Dapp's banner image and overview.
Page Profile section
Page Content section
  1. To really separate your Dapp from other Dapps and for that personalised look and feel, remember to update the Dapp's banner, overview and the descriptions for each read/write function.

    • The banner and overview sections introduce users to the Dapp by providing a graphical welcome and a complete breakdown of the Dapp.
    • The read/write descriptions let your Dapp users further understand and maximise the use of each read and write functions.
  2. Once all the necessary information are provided, click on Save As Draft (located on the Page Content section of the form) to submit the Dapp Update Request to our team which will then be processed and updated accordingly.

  • Raja Amir