Etherscan Token Reputation

The Etherscan Token Reputation is designed to help users make informed decisions while interacting with Token Contracts. The service will indicate the following when you visit the Token Tracker page by way of:

'UNKNOWN' reputation

All tokens in the Token Tracker defaults to this reputation state even if the token basic information (i.e website, social media and logo) has already been updated. We are unable or cannot decide on reputation score for the token.

'NEUTRAL' reputation

  1. Neutral reputation determines that sufficient information about the project and the team provided providing some form of transparency.
  2. The contract source code must be verified.
  3. Mandatory and sufficient information is provided (website, logo, official contact email).
  4. Professional public profiles for team members and advisers are also provided or published on the website (with LinkedIn profile giving attribute to the project).
  5. The token project must maintain a working website with active social profiles and communication channels.
  6. No significant 'red' flags (that we were aware of at the point of time the reputation score was assigned).
  7. The token is listed on major price aggregator platform (like Coingecko and Coinmarketcap).

'OK' reputation

An OK reputation is not an endorsement, but it is of our opinion (and at our own discretion) that the project has (either or a combination of the following criteria):

  1. Is already eligible for 'Neutral' reputation.
  2. Provided sufficient and accurate information.
  3. Clear project goals and communication.
  4. Visible profile of the project founders/backers/advisers.
  5. The token is traded/listed on a major crypto exchange which has AML/KYC checks.
  6. Achieved significant major milestones.

'SUSPICIOUS' reputation

There has been reports of scam/phishing/fraud/spam or misrepresentation of information related to this Token contract that has not been adequately addressed and/or other 'red' flags.

'UNSAFE' reputation

There have been substantial and credible reports of scam/phishing/fraud/spam or misrepresentation of information related to this Token contract that has not been adequately addressed, listed in a public 'scam' database and/or other red 'flags'.

'SPAM' reputation

Token Name and/or Symbol contains url/scripts/refCodes or other "spam attributes".

Suspicious, Spam and Unsafe reputation are using the same icon


Etherscan does not and is not in a position to endorse, disapprove or censure any services or projects related to the Token contracts displayed on the Ethereum Blockchain. Users should always do their own research and due diligence before taking any actions related to any Token contracts especially if it involves a transfer of value.

The reputation scores provided in connection with this service may or may not be accurate as they are based on subjective evaluations and/or reports received from the community. We make no representations, warranties or are liable for any content, accuracy, and reliability of such ratings and are we are not responsible directly or indirectly, for any damage or loss caused or alleged to be caused by or in connection with the use of or reliance on any content or services provided.

We reserve the right to make the final judgment to accept/deny a token reputation award on this page and we are not obligated to provide any feedback on the reason for a rejection on token reputation award. At any time we found false information or discrepancies, we reserve the right to remove or update information (including reputation).

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