Etherscan Connect: A Beginning

Etherscan’s ethos has always been to focus on building value for the Ethereum community. In the early days, the focus was on making transactions and contract calls accessible. During the ICO boom, countless hours were spent on community support. Countless hours continue being spent helping those with compromised addresses. In recent months, it has been humbling to see the use of Etherscan labels and tags across the entire ecosystem.

As a leading block explorer, there is a large responsibility in Etherscan’s hands to make sure that information shown is fair and transparent. At times, this puts us in a difficult position. Do we unilaterally decide that a token is used for phishing and ban it, or risk exposing it to uninformed users? Allowing for a community-wide signal may be helpful in cases such as this.

One common strand seen across the Ethereum community the world over is our sense of community. We love meeting like-minded people and sharing new developments or best practices with each other.

Credit to Crypto Twitter

Tremendous contributions are made by the Ethereum community all the time and often in unnoticed ways. With Etherscan, we’ve been lucky to have numerous users’ help in labeling, tagging and commenting on addresses. These members deserve a light of recognition shined on them.

All of the above naturally led us to one common idea. We are proud to introduce: Etherscan Connect.

Etherscan Connect is for Etherscaners - those of us who love exploring Ethereum, sharing our insights and helping each other out. In this Early Access build, there will be 2 types of users with the following capabilities:

To start off, we will limit the number of Approved Users to the first 100. To become an approved user:


  1. Update your Etherscan Public Profile Name.
  2. Update your Profile Website. Enter a website URL that represents you (eg. Github, Twitter or 3Box profile) for verification.
  3. Enter your Etherscan email address in this Sign Up & Feature Ideas Form

An email will be sent from to confirm your status once your profile has been approved.

We’d love for you to give it a try! To make things fun, we’ll give a shout-out to the user with the most Liked Name Tags in our June newsletter.

Etherscan Connect is in its earliest days. Let us know how you'd like to see it grow - be it features, badges, leaderboards or others! Share these in the Sign Up & Feature Ideas Form.

To check out a limited preview of Etherscan Connect, click here.

  • Harith Kamarul