Exploring the Processed Beacon Chain Withdrawals Page

The Shapella Upgrade has been successfully executed on epoch 194048, at slot 6209536. The first withdrawals occurred on block 17034871. Validators who staked ETH on the Beacon Chain before The Merge can now withdraw their ETH.

What are Staking Withdrawals?

Staking withdrawals allow Ethereum stakers to withdraw their locked-up ETH and are enabled through the Shapella upgrade. Stakers can withdraw accumulated rewards or fully withdraw their staked ETH after completing the exiting process. By enabling staking withdrawals, it incentivizes more people to stake their ETH in support of the network.

To learn more about staking withdrawals, Finematics provides a simple-to-follow explanation.

Processed Beacon Chain Withdrawals page

  1. Total Withdrawals: This displays the total number of processed withdrawal requests.
  2. Total ETH Withdrawn: This shows the total amount of ETH withdrawn from the Beacon Chain.
  3. Index: This indicates the withdrawal index, a unique identifier starting from 0 and incremented by 1 per withdrawal.
  4. Block: This denotes the block number where the withdrawal was processed. Users can toggle between ascending and descending orders.
  5. Age: This shows the time elapsed since the withdrawal was processed.
  6. Validator Index: This indicates the index of the validator whose balance is being withdrawn.
  7. Recipient: This displays the ETH address on the execution layer where the withdrawal is sent.
  8. Value: This shows the amount of ETH withdrawn, in ETH, that is sent to the recipient.
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